Online casino software developers that every player should be aware of

The list of company’s that have an invested interest in the online casino market is a long one. Amongst this list are a core group of developers, with it being these developers that help make the industry what it is today. These developers range in quality and output levels. Some choose to churn out games like they are coming off a factory production line, while others opt to be a little more selective in what they release. If you’ve logged onto an online casino portal in the past couple of years or so you should be aware of the sheer amount of active game developers. In order to educate players and generally make life easier, the following is a break down of the online casino game software developers that every player should be aware of.


NetEnt are a developer that have been around the mind 1990s (1996 if you want to be specific) and have grown to become the biggest name in online casino development. After making their name with localised games on Swedish shores, they have since expanded to the rest of Europe and now have their sights set on US markets. What has made NetEnt so special is the company’s ability to move with the times. From Java to Flash and 2D to 3D, wherever NetEnt goes you can be sure that innovation isn’t too far behind. A good spot to find NetEnt casinos at is!


Largely considered to be the main rival of NetEnt, what many won’t know is that the launch of Microgaming actually pre-dates NetEnt. Microgaming opened its doors back in 1994 and since then have been voted Online Casino Software Provider on several different occasions. Opting for the scattergun approach, Microgaming titles are issued on a frequent basis, with the developer having more 600 games to its name at last count. Much like NetEnt, Microgaming is a company that has rapidly expanded throughout Europe and the US in recent years.


Amongst the industry’s major development names, Playtech is considered to be the key name with regards to innovation. Since 1999 have done their very best to push the boundaries of the field, by implementing various innovations that are now considered commonplace. For example, Playtech were the very first developer to create VIP systems to reward loyal players. Nowadays VIP systems are everywhere you look and players have Playtech to thank for that. It’s safe to say to say that Playtech is a company that has always managed to stay one step ahead of the curve.


Widely considered to be a true slots powerhouse, BetSoft may not be as big as the three aforementioned developers, but they are certainly getting there. What has put BetSoft on the fast track to being a true industry giant is their work within the realm of online slot games. Slot3 is a technology that has resulted in some of the most played games in the world of online slots, with their 3D animations impressing many.

Realtime Gaming (RTG)

When “Top 5” lists are complied for online casino game developers, Realtime Gaming are often there or there abouts when all is said and done. Founded back in 1998, the company has been in a state of constant evolution since. They are respected amongst players for their dedication to their craft. Creating specialist and tailored games for various leading operators, very few developers opt for the level of specified customisation that Realtime Gaming do.