PayPal makes its long awaited return to the online casino landscape

When it comes to market dominance, nothing rules the world of eWallet payments quite like PayPal. The company practically stands alone in the world of ecommerce, as not only is it eBay’s chosen payment method, but it has also been adopted by some of the biggest online stores in the world. However, for all of its dominance elsewhere, PayPal has failed to make any form of notable imprint in the world of online casino gaming. It seems that for many years PayPal showed little interest in furthering its position in the industry to the frustration of millions of players. But it seems that after years of playing second-fiddle to the likes of Skrill and Neteller, PayPal is finally set to return to the world of online casino gaming, with many casinos already accepting the payment method. Nowadays, you can find a paypal casino at without much trouble. In this article we’ll take a look at the history of PayPal in the online casino industry.

Questionable Relationship

It seems that PayPal has somewhat of a questionable past when it comes to the online casino industry. Back in the day PayPal was a name that happily backed the online casino industry. During the early to mid 2000s it was an eWallet format that was widely adopted, but sadly that wasn’t something that would last. PayPal had its eyes set on the eCommerce market and with that came a degree of what many considered to be “social responsibly”. They would eventually sign a working agreement with eBay that would bring their moral involvement in the online casino industry into question. PayPal would eventually withdraw, but a change in circumstances and player pressure is seeing it return.

Always Loved

The reason as to why PayPal was so loved by players in the first place was because of its effortless nature when it came to use. The format always placed user interest first through a selection of robust security measures, meaning that players always felt safe when using the eWallet format. Critics lauded how well it integrated with various online casinos and how it simple it made managing bankroll. Deposits could be done in an instance, while withdrawals were lightning fast. Adding to the appeal was the fact that many online casinos offered players exclusive bonuses related to PayPal use, which encouraged players to use the eWallet platform. After PayPal pulled back from the world of online casino gaming, many players were left disappointed. The leading format of eWallet payment method was gone and for a while it seemed like it was gone for good. Fast-forward 10 years and PayPal’s return to the industry is now imminent.

Long Overdue Return

Players have been asking for it for the best part of a decade, but now it seems that PayPal is now set to make its second debut in the world of online casino gaming. While it may have stepped out of the spotlight, PayPal was seldom far from the thoughts of players. The comeback trail for PayPal has been a long one, but it is now all set to reach its long-awaited conclusion. Splitting from eBay and embracing the online casino industry’s upstanding nature, PayPal is back and looks to be back for good. William Hill Casino, Bet 365 Casino, Winner Casino, All Slots Casino, and EU Casino are the first to announce that PayPal will be accepted, with more online casinos sure to follow suit. Keep an eye out on if you’d like to stay up to date as more casinos start accepting paypal as a payment method.