An in-depth look at the instant play online casino platform

While it may not seem like it, online casinos have improved in a whole host of different ways in the past several years. Game production quality has improved vastly, online casino bonus amounts are bigger, and the technical aspects involved in online casino play are now more advanced than ever. Looking at the latter of those three things in more detail, online casino load speed and performance is now seamless in 2015. Through increased levels of development and the introduction of the instant play concept it seems that players can now be up and running in the world of online casino gaming in just a matter of seconds.

Industry Standard

The key reason why instant play casinos have been able to eclipse their download-based predecessor is because of their agility and flexibility. Sometimes listed as “no download” casinos, instant play means that games can be played without the need of additional software. All players generally need to access an instant play casino is an open account, a flash incorporated browser, and a working Internet connection. The ease of accessibility generally means that instant play casinos can be accessed through desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone devices. You can find most of todays popular instant play casinos through channels like

Pros and Cons

Instant play casinos are now the common platform use by online casino providers, reason being that they are notoriously cost effective. The following looks at several pros and cons related to instant play casino use.


Speed – Load times have plagued download based casino software for years. Largely as the size of the software tends to grow tenfold as new games are offered, making the whole process of logging-in and playing excruciatingly slow. Instant play casinos are based off a centralised server, which means that load times are generally much shorter.

Compatibility – Instant play casinos are theoretically accessible through any device that features a flash based browser a standard Internet connection. This means that from public computers to low-end smartphones, you can seemingly operate an instant play casino from anywhere.

Simplicity – Doing away with heavy UIs and clunky software, instant play casinos have worked to streamline online casino proceedings. They are simple to use, to the point that anyone who has at least a basic level of computer knowledge can operate them effectively.


Limited Game Selection – This is slowly becoming less of any issue as time progresses. But the reality is that some online casinos can’t accommodate large game selections through the instant play format.

Low Quality Graphics – When an online casino is installed via a HDD, the games involved can make use of a system’s RAM and graphic card. Instant play casino don’t have the same luxury, which means that sometimes graphical performance can suffer. While not a major issue, it can create a problem for those who want a graphically intensive online casino experience.

Connection Drops – Instant play casinos can demand a large amount of bandwidth, especially when playing certain games, which can create issues for players who are using a slow or out-dated Internet connection.

Instant Enjoyment

Instant access casinos present the natural evolution of the online casino industry, which means that the days of software-based options are now well and truly numbered. In order to find an instant play online casino that suits your needs and device options, be sure to visit an online casino to see what is currently available.